"Be in this world as a traveller."

As much as we love the indulgence of our products, it is important to us to ensure our impact on people and the environment is a positive one. We try minimise our footprint in a number of ways.


Each piece is individually packed in bio-degradable and compostable wrap. It is then labelled with bio-degradable labels detailing; the flavour name, ingredients, allergens and dietary information. Our tissue paper and paper box filler are fully recyclable. Our boxes are made from certified wood, are bio-degradable, compostable, and manufactured with a clean air policy.

We do our best to ensure our suppliers consider waste reduction in their processes too and use only the best, environmentally friendly materials where possible. You can see how our boxes are packed when they arrive to customers and details of each packaging element here.


Sometimes everything does not sell out and that is OK. Certain bakes have to be baked at a minimum quantity which may create "waste" if every piece is not sold. We are fighting food waste with Too Good To Go. Whenever we have surplus bakes, we add them to the Too Good To Go app at 1/3 of the original price and make them available for collection locally in Stockport & South Manchester.