About Us

Hello! I’m Rakhshan, the founder of Lustre Bakery. My vision for Lustre Bakery existed for a long time before I started the business. Constantly craving new flavours, I experimented with different combinations for years with cakes, brownies, cookies, macarons, etc. The crux of putting my business idea to action was overcoming the fear of putting myself “out there” and recognising my palate was not unique to me - it just wasn’t mainstream.

Lustre Bakery was created in August 2020. It is all about catering for people with expansive tastes seeking an experience from their treats, not just a quick sweet fix. At the heart of the business is my passion for baking fun flavours and new things; and the joy our customers feel when they try our decadent treats.


Lustre Bakery treats are perfectly indulgent with great combinations and rich, quality ingredients. With our immense range of flavour profiles; there is something to be found for everyone. Sometimes you may stumble across a classic with our take on it while other times you may discover a new flavour you've never considered before. We're also well known to convert people on the flavours they normally hate - that's how good the bakes are. 

Just like our customers, each flavour is so individual which requires a lot of time, care and effort. We bake in small batches to ensure we can maintain our quality standard across every order.  


People often ask what my favourites are which is like asking a mother to pick between her children! My favourite thing to make are your favourites. That, and bespoke bakes - unique creations made to a brief for special occasions. My favourite thing to eat... everything! Though I am definitely partial to a Red Velvet Brownie, a sweet and salty Stuffed Cookie, and I love how well Blondies carry the flavours of nuts and spices.


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For corporate enquiries or to find out more about Lustre Bakery, please email to rakhshan@lustrebakery.co.uk.